Here, I Place My Ebenezer...

Because You have guided and sought me thus far.

March 8, 2012 at 3:23pm

21 and Blessed :)

THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH for pouring your love and blessings on my 21st birthday! I know, this post is late and has been delayed for 6 days, but I’ve been recovering and trying to get back in the demands of school after an eventful weekend :P But thank you thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, texts, phone calls, fb wall posts, gifts (thank you Amos, Goh, Sarah&Midge, Tammy, Annalisa, Sheri&Kristi and Danny!!), my first drink (o___o bahaha thanks JonBon!) and time spent with me on that day (and for another two days after haha :P)!! :))!! It is all very much appreciated and I am so blessed with wonderful friends and family!! :) And most of all, thank you Jesus for graciously granting me another year to grow, learn, love, and serve :) Blessed and overwhelmed with love!