Here, I Place My Ebenezer...

Because You have guided and sought me thus far.

June 26, 2013 at 5:56pm
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The Teahouse Chronicles

After much contemplation, I decided to share my post-grad life on tumblr. I suppose it’s for various reasons, but most of all, I want to remember this part of my life because I know the Lord’s faithfulness will be more apparent than any other time. Its a journey I want to remember and I hope I can use this as a testimony for others. 

I’m at a point where things are very much uncertain. I am out of college, done with planned out schedules for the next 4 years and ultimately, out of the Biola bubble. For the past few weeks since graduation, I’ve been regularly coming out to Yami’s Teahouse sitting at the same booth and applying to 1-2 jobs a day. I’m pretty sure the waiters and waitresses here recognize me already. Today, when a waiter came in to work, we smiled and waved to each other. That already tells you I’ve been coming here for a bit too long now. 

And that is why I am naming this part of my life, “The Teahouse Chronicles”

So far, I’ve applied to a total of 24 jobs and scheduled interviews with 4 of them. I’ve been told that’s not a bad ratio but to my demise, all 4 of those interviews didn’t work out. I had an interview at one of my ultimate favorite fashion brands that holds a pretty high reputation in the fashion industry. The interview went well and the recruiter called me back to inform me I was the top candidate. YES. But no. The girl who was in the position before called them and asked for her job back. Sigh. So close. 

I went in for another interview at an AMAZING design studio this past Thursday, but I’m pretty sure, with my gut’s intuition, that I didn’t get the job. Who knows? Maybe it’s one of those things like “The Devil Wears Prada” where the interview went horribly but the boss decided to give you a chance. Okay, the interview didn’t go horribly, but the head designer complimented me in a way that I felt I was given a rose with thorns. Ouch.

I hope in some way you, the reader, will be encouraged as I share this part of my life. I know I’m not alone in this horrid process of finding a full time job in this economy, but I suppose it’s always good to know there are others out there who are struggling as much as I am. 

And with that, I’ll conclude with this quote that has been keeping my head up so far:

"Faith in the pace of pain is this – trusting God’s goodness despite any apparent evidence against it"
- Brett Merrick

April 25, 2013 at 12:39pm
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Slowly inching into reality

I haven’t written in tumblr for a long while now, lest check it, but I found this post sitting in my drafts tab that I thought I should share. I have been convicted, encouraged and pushed in the last couple of days in which I decided to share them with you. This post, among many others, is the first. It sums up every feeling and thought I had right in the beginning of the semester. More to come. Much, much more to come. 


It’s almost 2am and I should be sleeping, but my head has been spinning with countless thoughts about the inevitable: the dreaded question of what I’m doing after the ceremony, the countless congratulations, and my senior show is over. 

And like everyone else, I nervously say “I don’t know.” 

I looked at jobs until 3am last night, hoping to open a million tabs of potential careers and open doors. To my dismay, I saved five jobs at most and the majority of them are ones that I’m not sure I qualify for. There’s one position labeled “Senior Graphic Designer” at a pretty big company. Is it even possible to land a senior position right out of college? 

Since the semester started, I’ve been feeling like I’m running against a current that I cannot stop. The longer I run, the more painful it gets, and the more I’m unable to understand where I’m going or how long I’ll be running for. The current stands as time, and it’s quickly ticking away as I’m scrambling to get a million things done before I graduate and get thrown into cold water. 

It’s been an internal struggle wrestling with my uncertainty with the truths that I’m desperately holding on to - truths of the character of the Lord, His promises and my salvation which brings about my identity. I know He has wonderful plans for me and I’m slowly progressing in them (Jeremiah 29:11), but where am I going? I know the Lord will never leave me, and He is always with me (Hebrews 13:5), but sometimes I feel like I’m on my own to take care of myself. I know the Lord is ever faithful (Psalm 86:15), but to be completely honest, my uncertain future makes me doubt. 

I am completely aware that I sound wishy-washy, and I’m sure it doesn’t come across as a surprise for those who’ve known me for a while. The only thing I am certain of is I’m terrified of life after graduation, as well as this song verse that I’ve carried with me for years that speak the sweet truth:

On Christ the solid rock I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand.

September 7, 2012 at 12:13am
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So begins the biggest blank canvas…

I’ve always feared the blank canvas, the clear white page or the beaming digital artboard on my computer screen. The biggest hurdle any designer must face is starting the creation of something potentially great. Before we can ever reach the final product of our hands, it’s the death stare of its absence living in the canvas. I’ve overcome the hurdles of a blank canvas, a white page and the digital artboard, but I’m now faced with the biggest challenge yet - the Biola Art Gallery.

Oh snaps…

A lot of people asked me if I know what I’m doing for my senior art show. The only answer I can give is a nervous “I don’t know” followed by the terrifying thought of “Oh glob…what am I doing for my show!?” Since my freshman year at Biola, I have visited the art gallery countless times dreaming of my pieces finally being displayed during my fourth year. 

Now that time is nearing May 2013, my stomach has been hurting and my head spinning. 

By no means is this post meant to live as words filled with how much I dread creating a show, but rather the beginning of an open and honest journey that I recently decided to share with everyone. If you wish to follow, I plan to release my endless train of thought for (literally) the biggest art showing of my life here lest I explode. I would probably post inspirations, sketches, or some sort of design related material for the sake of keeping my design Tumblr alive. 

As of my train of thought now, I can only hope to create a show that would communicate to my parents, family, friends, boyfriend, my pillow pet frog and all who have encouraged and provided financially in the most gracious and craziest way possible how incredibly grateful I am for their support. Just as I have recently learned in my Senior Seminar class, I can only approach and succeed in this final project with prayerful conversations with the Lord, and a focused mindset that in all things, it’s for Him. 

The beginning of the biggest blank canvas…

July 26, 2012 at 2:22am
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smitten :)

May 7, 2012 at 4:32pm
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April 17, 2012 at 1:08pm
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He Takes Away, But Graciously Gives

I quickly drove to church, parked my car, and placed my bag on my lap and constantly repeated phone, keys, wallet continuously in the midst of running thoughts on what I needed to do to prep for the night’s college group. Phone, keys, wallet, phone, keys, wallet, phone, keys…

With frantic hands, I stuffed the three most essential items in my bag and ran up the steps to the college meeting room. After prepping, setting up the room and making sure everything I had planned flowed like water that night, I happily engaged in interesting conversations with my peers about the Hunger Games and exchanged updates on the “411” of our weeks. After the night was over, I grabbed my bag and drove off with another set of a flurry of thoughts on what I needed to do in the coming week. Searching my bag for my phone but thought it strange how quickly I found it, I reached in again and realized my coral blue lock wallet was…missing.


I reached Danny’s house and desperately scanned, tossed and turned everything upside down in my car looking for my wallet. My wallet…which held every essential item I needed from debit/credit cards, driver’s license, Biola ID card, memorabilia from movie stubs to cue pictures, gift cards, and to lo and behold, my Disneyland pass was missing. No…it’s in here somewhere…  Somewhere became nowhere, hoping to reach in under the driver’s seat and pulling it out gloriously became a mere imagination, and picturing myself sighing in relief came the reality of burrowing my face into the pillows of Danny’s couch crying because I came to accept that it is gone. Driving back to church with Danny scanning, searching and retracing my steps resulted in no luck. 

Danny handed me tissues and in comfort, reminded me of truths that I know of the characteristics of God and how much He will take care of me in the situation. Truths such as the sovereignty of God, God being the Great Provider, God our Caretaker, God the One who is gracious and compassionate became truths that, sadly, I could not accept because of how distraught and frustrated I was. I gave my parents a call and told them what happened. My dad asked me how much cash I had, and when he received a sobbed reply of twenty dollars, he laughed and nonchalantly said, “Ah mei, that’s so little! It’s only money.” 

Yes, daddy, money! Money! Money. Money

It finally hit me that it was only money. Everything I had in my wallet was a form of money. Some things that money bought, that contained money, and is money itself. But compared to yes, the Gracious Provider, why does it matter that my wallet was missing? He is the source of providing me the once cutest wallet I’ve ever had, the mere twenty dollars sitting nicely in the sleeves of that wallet, the source of the money that my debit/credit cards have, gift cards I received from such loving people He has given in my life, and of course, He has given me the wonderful opportunity to go Disneyland so many times in a year because of such a glorious pass.

Wherever my wallet is or even, whoever my wallet falls upon, I don’t need to fret. As long as my roots are still tightly bound around my loving Father and He still stands as a Gracious and my ultimate Provider, I’m more than taken care of. And since the loss of my wallet, I have never once gone hungry or was financially strained because He really does provide. Not just in mere losses of a small blue wallet, but also in great financial needs. Biola isn’t exactly the cheapest school to go to :P

Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise Him,
my Savior and my God. 
Psalm 42:5 

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 
Matthew 6:26 

God provides and that just may be an understatement. 

April 11, 2012 at 11:44pm
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LOLLL so stinkin hilarious! 

LOLLL so stinkin hilarious! 

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March 20, 2012 at 9:33pm
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Currently Diggin’

Balmorhea - Settler

This is probably the clearest definition and illustration of music to me. Every instrument compliments each other so well. And their voices on top of that just ties everything together. Ugh, love.

Their original track has a crazy piano bit in the beginning which is absolutely amazing, and I almost died hearing the whole song because I love the sound a piano makes. I hated practicing as a kid but snap, after this revelation of appreciating its sound, I can’t keep my hands off of it. 

So with that, thanks mom and dad for those 7 years of piano lessons though I dreaded practicing and actually going to them. And as always, you’re right. I really do miss it and I’ve grown to appreciate it so much more :) Money not wasted. 

*This is really good study music (though…it can be kind of distracting because it sounds so amazing) and for all those Nujabes lovers, it’s a more theatrical movie soundtrack version of his work. Super amahzing. 

March 8, 2012 at 3:23pm
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21 and Blessed :)

THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH for pouring your love and blessings on my 21st birthday! I know, this post is late and has been delayed for 6 days, but I’ve been recovering and trying to get back in the demands of school after an eventful weekend :P But thank you thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, texts, phone calls, fb wall posts, gifts (thank you Amos, Goh, Sarah&Midge, Tammy, Annalisa, Sheri&Kristi and Danny!!), my first drink (o___o bahaha thanks JonBon!) and time spent with me on that day (and for another two days after haha :P)!! :))!! It is all very much appreciated and I am so blessed with wonderful friends and family!! :) And most of all, thank you Jesus for graciously granting me another year to grow, learn, love, and serve :) Blessed and overwhelmed with love! 

March 4, 2012 at 12:17am
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I have the goofiest family ever. Blessed :) hahaha
(p.s. sorry danny! LOL)

I have the goofiest family ever. Blessed :) hahaha

(p.s. sorry danny! LOL)